Saito Conducting Method

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Saito Conducting Method

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    by Hideo Saito

Wayne Toews, Editor

Fumihiko Torigai, Translator

Published jointly by the Min-on Concert Association and Ongaku No Tomo Sha Corp., Tokyo, Japan, 1988  230 pages; Trade cover
17 photographs, 126 musical examples,
106 motion diagrams, glossary
16 page booklet of music enclosed
ISBN 4-276-14105-2

"His teachings are so comprehensive and yet so fundamental that they embrace all possible conducting styles" -- Seiji Ozawa

Information about the method is available from Wayne Toews:

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Authorized copies of the textbook are now available.   Order your copy.

An introduction to the

Saito Conducting Method in

an AV enhanced PDF

I created this Adobe portable document file (PDF) as an introduction and companion to the English edition of the textbook. The document shows and explains the method's basic gestures using animations and QuickTime movies. The first Saito conducting study is demonstrated in sound, notation and QuickTime movies. The document includes a complete Saito glossary together with a comprehensive explanation of Saito's unique gesture diagrams, a history of the method and an outline of study materials used at the Toho Gakuen School of Music, Tokyo. The PDF presents the art of conducting in a dynamic, interactive way. The files work on Macintosh and Windows operating systems. The PDF and associated files are available free of charge on request.

The PDF has just be updated and expanded. If you want to participate in testing it please use the link below to request it.

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